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The smart way to survey

Annual employee surveys are dead. They’re time-consuming, produce a huge workload spike, are unpopular with employees and by the time the data is analysed it’s often outdated. It’s time to stop looking in the rear view mirror because Hive is the ‘always-on’ employee engagement solution we’ve all been waiting for.

Ask what you want, when you want, as often as you want. Hive automatically collects feedback from your workforce on a continuous basis and then presents that information to you in real-time, as actionable insights in bite-sized, manageable chunks.

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Hive takes the hassle out of surveying

By automating much of the survey process, we can focus our attention on using the data to make a difference. We've got the flexibility to ask what we want, when we want - so the capability to listen to our workforce on an ongoing basis has been a boost to engagement levels and helps spread the HR teams workload more evenly throughout the year.

Invaluable insight into my most important asset

Hive is a must-have tool for any leader. We now have up to date insight that we can act upon and make positive changes to improve the workplace, people performance and business performance. By improving employee retention, productivity, and customer satisfaction; it's clear to see where the ROI is.

Real-time insight really makes a difference

Hive helps me to evaluate and direct my communication initiatives by giving me real-time access to workforce data on an ongoing basis. I can measure the effectiveness of my initiatives and I can quickly establish where there could be information gaps that need closing.

No more project peaks and troughs

With Hive, I've built a steady income by working with clients on a retained basis. Their support team are always on hand to offer personal assistance when needed too.

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