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The Path to Becoming an Employer of Choice

The Path to Becoming an Employer of Choice

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge that every organisation faces. To stand out and become an “employer of choice,” you need to create an environment where employees not only want to work but also thrive. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the essential elements that can help you on your journey to becoming an employer of choice, with a particular focus on the importance of employee feedback.

What is an employer of choice?

Hive Employer of choice

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is an “employer of choice”? 

Well, it’s a company that is highly regarded by both current and potential employees. These organisations have a stellar reputation for offering a workplace that fosters growth, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. They are known for providing excellent compensation, benefits, and opportunities for career progression, all while maintaining a positive work culture.

The role of feedback in becoming an employer of choice

Role of feedback in becoming Employer of choice

One of the cornerstones of being an employer of choice is actively seeking and valuing employee feedback. Here’s why it matters:

  • Improved employee engagement: When employees feel heard and their opinions are taken into consideration, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated. Engaged employees are known to be more productive, creative, and loyal to the organisation.
  • Enhanced workplace culture: Employee feedback can provide valuable insights into the company’s culture. By addressing concerns and making improvements based on feedback, you can create a more inclusive, respectful, and positive work environment.
  • Talent attraction and retention: Organisations that actively seek and act upon feedback are more likely to attract top talent. Word-of-mouth recommendations or reviews found on review sites like Glassdoor from satisfied employees can significantly impact your ability to recruit skilled professionals.
  • Innovation and problem solving: Employees are often closest to the daily operations of a company. Their feedback can uncover inefficiencies and suggest innovative solutions that leadership might not have noticed otherwise.

How to gather employee feedback effectively

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Now that we understand the importance of employee feedback, let’s explore some strategies for gathering it effectively:


  • Regular surveys: Conduct confidential employee surveys to gather insights on job satisfaction, workplace culture, and suggestions for improvement. Be sure to act on the feedback received so employees can see active and positive change happening in their workplace.  Acting on and addressing feedback will help to increase response rates of future surveys. Also addressing feedback that can’t be actioned can support that too. 


  • Employee feedback platforms: Invest in employee feedback software or platforms that streamline the feedback collection process and provide data-driven insights. At Hive, our employee voice platform offers a number of ways to give feedback so employees can offer their thoughts in the way they feel most comfortable. With an anonymous messenger service, surveys, always-on listening, and features to commend their colleagues for contributions, Hive embraces and encourages a culture of feedback. 


  • Recognition and Rewards: Everyone loves a pat on the back. This can be in person or digital. Recognise and reward employees who contribute valuable feedback or suggest improvements. This encourages a culture of continuous improvement. In the Hive platform, organisations have access to “Hive Fives” where employees can recognise the work each other has contributed. 
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  • Anonymous suggestion box: Implement an anonymous suggestion box where employees can submit feedback without fear of retaliation.


  • One-on-one meetings: Regular one-on-one meetings between employees and their managers can provide a more personal avenue for feedback.


  • Exit Interviews: Gather valuable insights from departing employees through exit interviews. Understanding why employees leave can help you make necessary changes to prevent future turnover. Consider onboarding review surveys, too. These can help you find out how new staff found the onboarding process so HR leaders can continue to improve it – offering a great first impression and experience.  

How to spot an employer of choice?

spotting and employer of choice

So how exactly do prospective employees see that you’re an employer of choice? Are you doing all of this work for no recognition? No, of course not. With good intention to create a thriving workplace for your people you’re already on your way to:


  • Word of mouth recommendations 
  • Employer reviews on places like Glassdoor and Indeed reviews 


But you can also go a step further and look to gain your badges in becoming a thriving place to work.

Badges you say? 

At Hive we recognise employers going the extra mile to improving their workplace through the power of employee voice with a Hive Employee Voice Certified badge.

It signifies the care, support, and desire for leaders to want to make everyday at work the best it can be for their people. After all, employees are an organisation’s best asset. 

Why should employers consider these badges?

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For those employed by (or hoping to soon be!) organisations that have received recognition for their efforts to make a better place to work, it signifies a leadership and decision-making team that values their employee’s working experience, personal and professional growth, wellbeing, and job contentment.

With the Hive Employee Voice Certified organisations are looking to build and develop a supportive, empowering work culture that fosters a sense of belonging among its people through using Hive’s tools:

So gaining badges is so much more than a decoration, it’s your visible recognition that you’re an employer of choice, and are making efforts to create happy days at work for your people. 

Hive Employee Voice Certified Customer Posts

Ready to begin your journey?

Becoming an employer of choice is a journey that requires commitment and effort. A crucial step on this path is valuing and acting upon employee feedback. 

By actively seeking and implementing their input, you can create a workplace where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated. This positive work environment not only attracts top talent but also ensures their long-term commitment to your organisation. So, embrace the power of employee feedback, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an employer of choice in your industry. 

Need help with where to begin? Get in touch with our experts who’d be happy to help kickstart your journey.

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