Product Support Executive

We're looking for a new Product Support Executive to join the Hive family

The Role


  • You’ll be the first point of contact for customer technical support, handling emails, online tickets and using your best judgement to call customers when appropriate.
  • You’ll investigate, resolve or escalate customer queries within agreed Service Level Agreements.
  • You’ll take notes/log issues efficiently and concisely to make sure problems are resolved quickly and effectively.
  • You’ll use advanced technologies (like MongoDB and JSON) to navigate our database and assist with investigating and resolving customer issues.
  • You’ll be working with large sets of data to make sure our customers are set up for success.
  • You’ll be responsible for updating and maintaining the Hive knowledge base and FAQs.
  • You’ll be expected to deal directly with customers as their query passes through the support funnel.
  • You’ll maintain a detailed understanding of Hive’s functionality as well as our product and service portfolio.
  • You’ll stay up to date with employee engagement/surveying best practice.



  • Technology Experience—we want someone who is a bit of a computer wiz and can use that techie mindset to not only understand the root cause of an issue but also to effectively resolve it.
  • Customer focus—you must be driven to deliver the level of technical support you would want and expect if the shoe was on the other foot. You’ll be conscientious, friendly, proactive and clear in your communications with customers. 
  • Thirst for knowledge—knowledge is power. We’re after someone who’s constantly learning and sharing what they know both internally and externally.
  • Solution-oriented—you’ll thrive on solving problems, and not just finding a quick fix, but taking the time to identify and apply the best, long-term solution.
  • Teamwork—working in isolation can be lonely and is rarely as effective as collaborating. At Hive, we love to bounce ideas off one another to find the best solution to a customer’s query. So we want someone who’s comfortable engaging multiple stakeholders to make sure the customer gets the level of service they expect. 
  • Attention to detail—you’ll need a keen eye for accuracy, whether that be inputting customer data, customising their Hive, or staying on top of your own reporting.

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Who we are and what we do

Hive is an employee voice platform and strategic HR partnership. 

…what exactly does that mean? 

We’re a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) business that provides our customers’ employees with a secure channel to speak up—whether that’s through surveys, or one of our other unique employee voice features.

On top of that, our People Scientists also work closely with our customers’ HR teams to: 

  • Create bespoke employee voice strategies
  • Gather as much varied and meaningful employee feedback as possible
  • Analyse and report on what those employees have to say
  • Take action off the back of the findings.
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Culture and values

Our people are the most important part of the business, and they embody our five core values:


Purpose is our passion​

Everything we do is driven by our purpose: every voice has the power to change the working world.​


Even better​

We’re not perfect, but we’re always striving to reach higher, achieve more and push further.​

TrustedToGetitDone 05

Trusted to get **it done​

Our customers trust us to provide a certain level of service, and we trust each other to fulfil our own individual responsibilities.​



No matter who we’re dealing with we’re always respectful and considerate; good manners cost nothing.​


Life is short​

The time we have is precious, so we cherish it and live every moment—both inside and outside of work.​

So… do you fancy joining Team Hive?