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How much could you be saving on the cost of recruitment?

Employee retention is high up every organisations priority list right now, as they look to keep their best talent and avoid spending on hiring replacements.

Our employee voice platform is proven to reduce employee turnover.

Use the ROI calculator below to see how much you could save on the cost of recruitment by using Hive:

Employee Savings Calculator
Number of employees you have: 500
0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
Potential annual reduction in staff leaving by using Hive*:
Saving on cost of recruitment**:

Hive's employee voice platform and occupational psychology support empowers your people to speak up and give you the insights you need to make better decisions and create a better place to work.

Let us show you how!

* Based on a 5.5% reduction in staff turnover (source:

** Based on £3,000 average spend per-hire (source:

Why you should embrace employee voice

Organisations who listen to their people and act accordingly are...

3.6X more likely to innovate effectively
more likely to adapt
well to change
more likely to inspire
a sense of belonging
more likely to 
satisfy and retain customers
 more likely to engage 
and retain employees
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