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The cost of employee turnover

High employee turnover has many negatives for an organisation including decreased productivity, time spent training up replacements and increased recruitment costs.

The UK average employee turnover rate is 15%* which represents high financial costs to every organisation.

Our employee voice platform is proven to reduce employee turnover.

Use the ROI calculator to work out how much employee turnover is costing you.

Hive’s employee voice platform and occupational psychology support empowers your people to speak up and give you the insights you need to ensure they are happier and help reduce turnover.

Let us show you how!

Employee Savings Calculator
Number of employees you have: 300
0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
Number of employees likely to leave each year*:
Total annual cost of employee turnover**:

* Based on the UK average employee turnover rate of 15% (source:

** Number of employees likely to leave multiplied by £49,500 which, reported by Gallup, is the cost of satisfactorily replacing a leaver based on 1.5x the UK average salary of £33,000.

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14 Survey Questions to Reduce Employee Turnover

Inside this guide, you’ll find 14 survey questions that are proven to help reduce employee turnover and also advice on what to do post-survey.

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