Hive for Retail and E-Commerce

Show your employees that you care about them

Look after your people, and they’ll look after your customers

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1000’s of retail and e-commerce employees have a voice with Hive

Hive for Retail and E Commerce
Retail and e commerce

A better way to measure engagement, experience and wellbeing

No matter their location or role, everyone at your organisation should have an equal voice

Hive makes it easy for employees to have their say through our four unique surveying and feedback channels—and gives you digestible data so you can really understand how your people are feeling.

“We wanted an easy-to-use platform and some help with the heavy lifting associated with reporting and analysis. The cherry on the cake for us is the support from Hive’s People Science team, who are helping our team with question-crafting and storytelling.”

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Nicola Frayne,
Chief People Officer

Give your people a permanent voice

Hive gives retail and e-commerce professionals the opportunity to speak up, be heard, and inform meaningful change...

Measure engagement with purpose

Anyone can send out a survey. But that’s not enough if you’re serious about improving employee engagement

Hive’s platform and partnership supports an end-to-end employee voice strategy. And it’s that full-spectrum approach that sets us apart and makes sure you get results.

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Gather the insights to improve employee experience in real time

Our platform is designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, both for you and your people.

Hive gives employees the opportunity to speak up about whatever’s important to them whenever they like—so they don’t have to wait for the next survey.

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The Buyer's Guide to Employee Voice Platforms

The 8 things you need to know...

A committed focus on wellbeing

Hive is a safe and confidential space for people to open up and be honest about how they’re really doing.

That insight allows leaders to understand, support and actually make things better.

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Give even the hardest-to-reach employees a voice

Flexible surveying, an always-on feedback channel, peer-to-peer recognition and identity-protected messaging—all accessed through email notifications or our employee homepage.

Hive makes sure you hear every voice, and that all your people know how to have their say.

“A combination of a robust and solid feedback platform alongside support from Hive’s People Science team definitely felt like a good fit for Studio. The flexibility that Hive will give us to be able to listen more frequently to what our colleagues are telling us, and to respond almost immediately, is a big plus.”

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Colette King,
HR Director

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Because you hope your employees never check out

retail and e commerce2

Because you hope your employees never check out

Build a loyal, engaged and happy workforce

Use Hive to amplify employee voice and supercharge your employee experience.

✅ Real-time feedback
✅ Flexible surveying
✅ Identity-protected feedback
✅ Always-on listening channels
✅ End-to-end People Science support
✅ Culture-building tools
✅ Peer-to-peer recognition
✅ Easily accessible and intuitive platform

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