7 Simple Wellbeing Tips for Working from Home

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I experienced one day at Hive HQ before we all started working from home.

I’ll be the first to admit that I got stressed. And all the new job nerves leading up to my first day were only amplified by anxiously over-reading about how coronavirus was progressing and the possible effects it would have on the world of work.

What I’ve witnessed at Hive in my first week, though, in terms of support and enthusiasm to keep everyone well and connected during the uncertainty, has taught me that the stress could not have been any more unnecessary.

And that got me thinking. Thinking about how to better manage my own wellbeing throughout this change and while working from home. And about how many other people out there will be dealing with similar, if not worse, fears and anxieties while we wait for all of this to blow over.

So, I’m dedicating my first piece as a content writer at Hive to making sure we know how to look after ourselves, look after each other, and sharing some of my favourite wellbeing tips from my inspiring new colleagues at Hive.

7 Simple Wellbeing Tips for Working from Home

  1. 🧘‍♀️Stretch and breathe. Donna, Customer Success Manager here at Hive, shared some of her favourite (tried & tested) yoga videos that can be used when we all need a good stretch and some time to breathe. From videos that can be followed straight from your desk, right up to longer videos to battle those aches and painsyoga is great for helping our mind slow down and ease any anxieties.
  2. ☕️ ‘Meet’ for a cuppa and chat. Virtual cuppas have been doing the rounds at Hive, too, kick-started by our People Science director Ryan. Working from home, you might find yourself talking to people less regularly – but that doesn’t have to be the case. A quick video chat with friends, colleagues, family, clients, old acquaintances… you name it. Be social! The most useful thing for me so far has been jumping onto virtual meetings with my new team. Video is one of the most useful tools at our disposal for keeping engagement up and morale high.
  3. 🚶‍♂️Keep your commute going. This one is from James, one of our UX Designers! James recommended taking a walk before and after work, aka ‘commuting’. I decided to try this one out myself, and I’d put this one at the top of my own recommendations. It’s been great for clearing my head and keeping the line between work and home as clear as possible, as well as getting some much needed movement and fresh air.
  4. 🎙Listen to podcasts galore. If you’re anything like me, it can be difficult to stop focusing on the negative. Podcasts are great for providing a new perspective and allowing you to change your outlook. So, whether you listen to them for fun or for a self-help approach, take advantage of all the positive content out there! Headspace has been recommended by a number of our Hive Heroes as a good resource for stress and mindfulness. Or, if you’re not one for podcasts, you can’t go wrong with a nice upbeat playlist to lighten your mood!
  5. 👨‍💻Know when to stop. Gareth, Front End Developer at Hive, also shared some wellbeing tips about how he avoided burnout while working remotely. Working from home, it’s all too easy to blur the line between work and home. “I’m almost finished, I’ll just keep going”, and before you know it it’s three hours later. Gareth started setting himself an achievable task list every morning so he knew when to switch off, rather than getting sucked into his screen and losing track of time.
  6. 📰 Avoid too much negativity. I’ll admit that I’ve spent way too much time reading through articles from various (and some very questionable) news sources recently. I’ve chosen to limit my time and sources to try and avoid the scare mongeringallowing me to still keep up to date, but also stay as positive as possible so I can focus on what really matters.
  7. 💛Be kind and supportive. Probably my favourite piece of advice so far, from our CEO John, is making sure that we all take the time to check in on each other regularly. Now is a time for taking care of one another, so instead of putting our energy into worrying, let’s focus it on being supportive. It’s a strange time for everyone, so let’s be there for those we care about.

We may have to self-isolate, but we’re not alone

A big part of our wellbeing rests in the relationships that we build with other people – we seek community and a sense of belonging. But self-isolating and social distancing can be, well… isolating. 

We need to stay connected. It would be ignorant to not address that the isolation can spill into our personal lives, too. So whether that’s video chats with our loved ones, or even just texting, we can apply the same principles to our lives out of hours.

I read a great story about a woman who was self-isolating away from her partner, so they planned to watch the same movie at the same time while messaging back and forth throughout. There’s now even an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to host a Netflix party! We have more tools at our disposal than ever before, so let’s make the most of them.

We’re all experiencing this in real-time and learning along the way. What that also means is that we’re all entitled to our own boundaries and tackling the situation in a way that works for us. So as we navigate our new (temporary) way of living, the best thing we can do is to make sure we put wellbeing at the forefront of our day-to-day.

Look after yourself, look after others, keep spirits high, and keep washing your hands. We’re all in this together!

If you’ve adopted any new wellbeing strategies to help you through, we’d love to hear about them. Give us a follow on LinkedIn to share your ideas with us, and keep up to date on the latest updates and positive remote working advice from #TeamHive.

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