A brighter future for the working world

Hive is on a mission to change the working world for the better


of workers worldwide are not engaged 1


of workers have experienced workplace stress 2


of workers quit jobs citing “lack of appreciation” 3


of workers would choose happiness over higher salaries 4

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It started with a vision

“Hive is helping to improve the lives of everyday, working people. We have a clear purpose and mission that's all about positively impacting the way that employees experience work every day.”

Ryan Tahmassebi, Hive People Science Director

Hive (formally “HiveHR”) was founded in 2015 with a very clear vision – to change the working world for the better.

This vision is shared by our ambitious team and inspiring customers, who use our platform and services to create organisations that let people shine.


Originally invented to challenge traditional employee surveying, our flexible employee feedback platform has provided an agile and intuitive alternative for savvy HR and business professionals.

Our platform technology continues to be enhanced with new features to meet the growing needs of modern, changing organisations. And, with the development of Hive People Science, we are empowering organisations to drive real cultural and organisational change by understanding and listening to their employees.

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The impact of Hive is improved employee experiences for people globally; experiences that promote greater health and wellbeing, support faster growth and development and – in turn – motivate improved productivity and attendance.

Organisations thrive when people are motivated to bring their best selves to work, and more engaged, committed and fulfilled workforces lead to exceptional business performance.

Hive strive to help our customers become employers of choice in their field, making sure every employee voice is heard. We believe even the smallest positive changes to an employee’s work-life improves their enjoyment of work, impacting their whole life as a direct result.

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