Introducing Hive Employee Homepage Feature

Product Update: Introducing the Hive Employee Homepage

Product Update: Introducing the Hive Employee Homepage

The Hive employee homepage makes it even easier for people to have their say. Easier access to Hive means more feedback, which equals a deeper understanding of how to improve the employee experience.

But before we reveal all about our latest product update , let’s look at why easier access makes such a difference…

Employee engagement isn’t a destination; it’s a continuous cycle. When done right, it has four key stages:

  • Gather as much relevant and honest feedback from your people as possible.
  • Analyse that feedback to find the common trends and specific areas for improvement.
  • Plan what actions you are going to take to solve the problems you’ve identified.
  • Follow through on those plans, involving employees wherever you can. 


Once you’ve done all that, you gather more feedback to find out whether your actions have made a difference, and what your next priorities are.

Hive Engagement Lifecycle

The success of this process often hinges on the amount of high-quality feedback you get from employees. If you can’t get enough, your analysis will be unreliable, and the actions you plan might well miss the mark.

How does the employee homepage maximise employee feedback?

Hive is employee voice made easy, with tools such as Open Door providing a channel for employees to speak up and be heard—even when there are no live surveys. 

Open Door Notification

But we’ve now gone one step further by giving employees direct access to Hive, and enabling those without email or a mobile phone to log in through any device, without a reminder. 

If they choose, customers will be given a unique link that their employees can use to log into Hive and complete a survey, use Open Door, or send their co-worker a Hive Five—while keeping their identities protected.

Employee Homepage Mockup

How will that help?

This makes it much easier for employees to access Hive to voice their opinions, concerns, questions ideas… and everything else. 

For example, if Sonia wanted to give Henrik a Hive-Five for demonstrating the organisation’s “Customer Centric” value, rather than waiting for a reminder to come through or sifting through her previous messages to look for the last one, she can simply follow the link and get right to it. 

And to make it even easier, you can drop the URL on your intranet or in communications (even internal email signatures) and encourage employees to bookmark it. When they next have something they want to say, they’ll know exactly where to go.

Easier, Always-on Employee Feedback

By making it easier for employees to speak up, they’ll do it more often. Which means more high-quality feedback, more reliable analysis, better-informed action-planning, and ultimately, more successful actions.

Pretty good, right?

If you’re already a customer and want to find out more, just get in touch with your Customer Success representative or email

If you’re not yet with us but your curiosity has been piqued, then give us a shout at or book a demo.

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