Remote-working resource roundup

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Making employee wellbeing a priority

There’s no denying that the impact of the pandemic has put employee wellbeing nearer the top of every HR team’s priorities. What people want from a wellbeing strategy has changed—so, as your teams head back to working remotely, make sure that they’re feeling well and have access to the resources they need to stay that way!

Inspire your team to take charge of their own wellbeing with our remote working tips:

💛 7 Simple Wellbeing Tips for Working from Home

Find the inspiration you need to create a wellbeing strategy that suits your people:

🌟 15 Effective Ideas for Your Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

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Promoting inclusivity and social connectedness

Inclusion and belonging have well and truly taken a hit as remote teams face more isolation and less contact with the wider organisation. But it doesn’t have to be that way! All you need to do is listen to your people, spot areas of concern and gather ideas for where you can improve.

Explore how to better connect your remote teams, promote stronger relationships (the key to belonging!) and instil a sense of inclusion:

💜 5 Ways to Keep Remote Teams Socially Connected (and Why it Matters)

Keeping culture alive with great internal comms

Powerful internal communications are vital to keeping your remote teams in the loop and helping them feel connected to the rest of the organisation. Internal comms make the working world go round—even more so when we work from home! So planning campaigns that keep your people informed in decisions, changes and updates off the back of their feedback is absolutely vital.

Wondering what channel is best to share your latest update with your people? We’ve got you covered: 

📣 Internal Comms Channels: What They Are and How to Use Them

Internal comms play a key role in keeping culture alive and making sure it hits home with remote teams. Here’s how:

💙 Culture and Internal Comms in a Remote World: Interview with a New Hive Hero

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Managing change with powerful employee insights

Your people sit at the heart of all organisational change, and moving to remote working is no different. Their input, ideas and concerns are key to getting the change process right, so it’s important to include them in every step of the process. People are more invested in a future they help to create, so letting people have their say is key to success.

See how Hive customer, Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe, involved their people in getting remote working right:

🌟 Keeping Remote Teams Connected: Interview with Internal Comms

Managers play a key role in keeping people engaged through periods of uncertainty and change. Find out how with insights from Professor Julie Hodges of Durham University:

💙 How Managers Can Engage People Through Change

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