Why HR Folk Should Segment Like a Marketer

On today’s episode of Hive in Session, our resident host Ben Lind talks to our Head of Marketing, Neil Hancock, about how HR folk could benefit from taking a leaf out of your marketing departments approach to segmentation.  They discuss how relying on traditional demographics can polarise results and make analysis harder, and why pivoting to more lifestyle and psychographic segments can help you better understand your people.

So, how do you segment at your organisation right now? Are you still relying on the traditional demographic and geographic ones? Is it about time you start to explore how you can use more advanced segments to make your insights more actionable?

Want to know more? Why not book a call with one of our experts or take a look at the rest of our amazing content in our resources area.

Thanks for watching today’s Hive in Session, we’ll see you in the next one.

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Creating Employee Surveys that Work for Your Organisation
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